The presentation of the Certified Project Manager

The presentation of the Certified Project Manager

The certified project manager is a key role in any project. The certified professional is the basis of complete management of processes, work, and people.
Martha Sanchez is a certified project manager and in this article, we share her presentation with stakeholders.

To the esteemed stakeholders. My name is Martha Sanchez and I am a certified project manager. I have an official document from the BVOP certification organization. Reference: “BVOP Certified Project Manager, BVOPM”, My professional experience in the field is 10 years. In addition to my achievements and documents, I am proud to share my PMP certificate of PMI and CSM related to my Scrum knowledge.

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Thank you sincerely for this meeting, which will allow us to get to know each other further. Thank you for the opportunity to work in your company and I am sure that we will achieve high results according to your expectations.

Before I was appointed as a certified project manager, my experience in this field was quite large and I can boast of many successful projects.

Leading in my work ambition and perseverance in achieving goals. For me, the daily communication with colleagues from the units involved in the projects, including external companies, is very important. It is the good communication between the units that are the basis of success. That is why I think I will continue to apply this practice in your company as well.

As I shared earlier, communication for me is one of the most important things in project management and I will be happy if I can have a continuous one with you.
My role as a certified project manager is to ensure good communication and understanding between project participants. As a certified professional, I am proud to say that I adhere to all processes and plans.

The implementation of the project

In the next ten months, we will be one team, implementing our project. In this project, I will act as a project manager.
In the last seven years, I have participated in the implementation of many projects of diverse nature, the scope of work, and deadlines. I have performed in these projects
various roles – from coordinator to project director. I am a representative of the project contractor, to whom you can contact any questions related to the project. I am authorized to coordinate all communication and information and everything related to the project.

I am ready to hear any reasonable proposal for the optimization of project activities.
Each proposal will be discussed by both parties and we will come up with an optimal solution. Each process has many solutions to implement. Our mutual work is to work together to choose the best possible. In this way, we will try to shorten the deadlines and optimize the project costs.

For any problem or difficulty that arose in the process of work, contact me. Do not try to come up with a unilateral solution. Remember, we work as a team to achieve a common goal. We are not rivals, we are a team. Together, we can do more! Working together will save employers and ourselves time, nerves, and money.

We have trained specialists who have left behind more than one completed project. We are provided with the necessary resources for the implementation of the project, we also have reserves.

What we have to do is work with heart and soul, our efforts will be rewarded. Specifically, for this project, it will be extremely important to involve the software specialists from your company, who have proven themselves in the development of software
applications for mobile operating systems.

The certified project manager answers all questions

When questions arise that require specific intervention on our part, do not hesitate to define them at the moment. Share support and intervention needs as soon as they arise.

Rely entirely on the support of all kinds, from our side. As I said, we are a team, and we work for the same cause and we pursue the same goals. I emphasize again – together we can do more!

Please send as soon as possible by e-mail the names, positions, and contact information of the project participants on your part and, accordingly, the roles they will perform. The email is on the business cards I gave you.

Please define the channels for access to the development of the software application you will work on so that we have an overview of the progress of development and the possibility of online support.

At the end of each working day, at 17:00 we will hold online meetings through Zoom to inform each other about what was done during the day and to resolve any issues. Invite
will be sent by the project coordinator to all project participants involved in the respective stage. You, colleagues, can initiate online meetings at any time if urgent issues arise. Send meeting invitations by email, we have an online connection everywhere.

Senior management and stakeholders

From our side, the people who will participate in the project are: a certified program manager is Gabriel Toms.

Co-founder and Global Director of Corporate Development, the project sponsor is our CEO Mr. James, certified project director is Natalia Smith, Regional Product Director.

The project coordinator is Barbara Rodriguez – office manager.

In the interest of working together on the project, avoid formalities as much as possible, but strive to fit within company rules and policies.
You can contact me at any time except by email and also on Vibe

The certified project manager selects the key roles

In connection with your last email, he presents my proposals for the positions – Program Manager, Project Sponsor, Project Director, and Steering committee.
For the Program Manager position, I consider Tom James to be the most lucrative, who is currently in the position of Global Supply Director.
I think Mr. James is the most appropriate because Program Manager is a position that I guess for many projects. With his previous experience as a Global Supplier Director, he has the necessary knowledge and skills to prioritize various projects. As Program Manager, he will plan and manage multiple projects, supporting and coordinating the implementation of each project. His task will be to coordinate the work following the business plan and goals of the organization by having direct interaction with the Project Sponsor and Steering committee.

For the position of Project Sponsor, I offer Martin Weber. As Executive Director, I believe that he is best suited for this position because he has the necessary qualities to make decisions on key issues for the project and the power to sponsor it.

Its responsibilities will be expressed throughout the project implementation process in coordinating the necessary time for completion at the beginning of the project, providing its expert assessment, assisting in determining the necessary documentation and reports, assisting in identifying risks during the project. the project and their overcoming. He will approve the final project plan. The stages of the project implementation will take decisions in connection with it, which are at a high level, beyond the competence of the project managers. It will monitor the achievement of the main results.

I propose that Ms. Amanda Rodriguez take up the position of Project Director. The position implies resource management and financial control, which will ensure the timely implementation of the project within the set budget. It is Amanda Rodriguez with her experience as Regional Product Director who will contribute positively to the project.

Its functions will be to properly allocate resources in the project, ensure profitability, analyze financial risk and prepare reports on financial risks and the value of the project throughout the implementation process. Amanda Rodriguez will have the obligation to monitor the progress of the client and obligations in connection with the current contracts with the clients.


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All other colleagues from the top management are best suited to form a Steering committee. In the performance of their duties, they will provide guidelines and advice in connection with the implementation of the project, will have the power to make decisions if necessary changes in the project, which are beyond the competence of the team, and will exercise control and supervision over the overall activity. They will liaise with high-level customers in the event of drastic changes or changes in deadlines. They will have the authority to coordinate the project budget and coordinate the activities of the Project Director.

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  1. I see that this project has been a great challenge for the project manager. My opinion is that the key to avoiding such a situation is proper communication. When proper communication is established at all levels, between all working teams on the project, it would be much easier to control, meet deadlines, and any other activities. According to what I read above in the email, I see a few wrong things.

    The most disturbing fact, as far as it can be true, is that “customers are incompetent, do not understand anything of what they say, do and can do nothing.” If these words are credible, then this may be the key to the difficult course of projects or directly to their failure. When the client does not have a clear goal, vision, idea of ​​what to expect, what to demand, as a result of the completion of each stage of the project, it confuses the whole dynamics and routine of work of each team working on the project. Due to this fact, clients complain at a higher level and this is immediately reflected as dissatisfaction and doubt whether the project is adequately managed.

    Concerning programmers, I think we need to find a balance without making cuts. If they need such direct management, it is best to provide a technical manager or, if necessary, a second project manager dedicated entirely to them.

    The things that would improve the work in our company, in my opinion, are mainly communication and trust. Some of the best specialists I have met work here. When a vote of confidence is given to a person, he knows that he is responsible and tries to back up his vote of confidence with results. When he is constantly under surveillance, questioned, it begins to burden him physically and mentally, and from there, his performance is affected.

    Regarding the client, I think that if we have to work with him in the future, we should be extra careful. We must very carefully define the goals, deadlines, requirements, and teams that will work on his part. If the situation seems similar to this, it is better to reject their offer. For this type of client, in my opinion, the Waterfall project management model is highly recommended because the client participates only at the beginning and end of the project.

    In conclusion, I would say that at the moment our company is at a very good level. With a little improvement in the internal communication between our teams, the other irregularities will be ironed out. I hope I have been helpful with my perspective on this situation.

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