The presentation of the Certified Project Manager

The presentation of the Certified Project Manager

The certified project manager is a key role in any project. The certified professional is the basis of complete management of processes, work, and people.
Martha Sanchez is a certified project manager and in this article, we share her presentation with stakeholders.

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Certified Product Owner role in Scrum teams

Certified Product Owner role in Scrum teams

The Product Owner role is the most important in the Scrum teams along with the Development Team and the Scrum Master role. The Product Owner role in the Scrum framework is responsible for product development and project requirements. Communicates with stakeholders and creates so-called User Stories in the Product Backlog.

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Introducing a new product manager to the team

Thank you for the opportunity to work in the company as a product manager. My name is Robert Paulson and I will be part of the product management team. As a product manager, I will have the opportunity to contribute to the successful implementation of key products for the company, which would contribute to the development of the current portfolio, increase the target audience, as well as bring additional revenue.

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Product Acquisition: A Case Study of a Hostile Takeover

Product companies often invest in creating innovative products by hiring professional product managers who create brilliant product management practices and rules. Together with them, product teams establish product development practices for designing and creating the real product.

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Will I be a good project manager for a team of technical developers?

Whether you will be a good project manager to a team of programmers and technicians is a problem that is regularly discussed and often arises in the mind of novice project managers. What we want to tell you is that you don’t have to worry.

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Project Management Terminology and Glossary

Really great project management terminology and glossary were created by Jess Davidson, the author of Everyday Project Management. This is a book we recommend to everyone. If you are just starting your project management career and you are still passionate about learning new terminology, this resource is for you. When you get familiar with the basics, you can decide to move to some good project management certification program. The terminology in this resource is validated by PM.MBA and checked for wrong information by an official representative.

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Real-World Project Management Results

Project management is not easy and very often we know about just the basics from what we read on the books or the Internet. Real projects require a deeper understanding of project management processes and practices and this may need our special focus on many topics.

In the book Everyday Project Management, the author Jeff Davidson introduces project management as a real-world complex activity and describes real problems and solutions. Everyday Project Management is a book that everyone from the project field should read. Most of the author’s views relate pretty much with the project management educational principles of the BVOP.

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